Shannon Staley & Sons’ Project Management Services sets the standard when multiple subcontractors are required to complete the job. Investors in real estate tell us all the time “We can’t get anyone to show up on time or show up at all.” This causes project delays and lost revenue. There is a better way!

Utilizing a hybrid model, SSS can perform a part of the construction project but also have the on-site personnel to oversee the subcontractors needed to complete construction.

How is this different than a traditional Construction Project Manager?

  • Projects are generally smaller in nature – larger general construction personnel don’t typically bid
  • SSS Project Management Services is less costly than traditional Project Management Services
  • SSS on-site personnel are familiar with the project. This trust between SSS and the owner limits owner involvement saving time and money.
  • Better time management and budgeting when subcontractors are required on site.
  • Relationships with vetted subcontractors

Project Management Services with Shannon Staley & Sons takes the worry and hassle out of property renovations and updates saving time and money.