Does SSS have a background check policy?

We have the capability to perform various background checks, depending on the client’s preference.

Are employees drug tested?

All employee must pass a pre-employment drug screening and are subject to random drug tests.

What costs do you cover for the labor you provide?

We cover workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and employment and payroll taxes. The half day or full day employee rate is all a company pays.

What if we are dissatisfied with a worker?

It is SSS’s goal to provide best qualified workers to meet its client’s needs. However, if you are dissatisfied with a workers’ performance, simply let us know and we will provide a qualified replacement.

Do you offer an on-site supervisor to check workers in for the day’s assignment?

Yes, we will have a staffing supervisor onsite for contract construction services.

SSS provides the following advantages to both the general contractor and the skilled worker.

These dual-benefits include:

  • Full-time employment. SSS is constantly planning and scheduling to ensure full-time employment for the worker.
  • Multiple construction projects offering diversified experience opportunities.
  • Skill advancement due to high quality and quantity of our clients—which results in increased pay.
  • Job security and tons of diversified experience.
  • Control over methods, performance standards and schedule.