Our Culture Statement

Shannon Staley and Sons is a special company; we keep our commitment to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.  Our primary commitment is to provide value, as defined by each of our stakeholders, through our construction services.  We operate by the Golden Rule: we treat others as we wish to be treated, and we choose to work in a constant state of gratitude.

Our Vision

To listen to our customers, providing utmost value, and to deliver that value through our construction services


To resolve our customers’ unique problems with honesty and transparency, providing the value and service our customers need

Company Focus

To serve our clients for life.  We actively search to attract clients through partnership, and desire to hold each other accountable.

We are focused on building relationships with our clients for the long term.

Competitive Advantages

We offer a fixed-cost approach that reduces risk for both partners

We measure and improve our productivity rate to ensure maximum performance while maintaining balance that produces superior value

We educate our clients on how we believe we can be of the most value to them and lower their costs